Final Phone Pursuits

The Residence which once housed the Rhenigidale public phone

The crofthouse, formerly of Mrs Morag McInnes, which once housed the Rhenigidale public phone

Here’s an extract from Secret Scotland Forum: ‘It wasn’t the last manual telephone – it was ‘Rhenigidale 1’  in the village of Rhenigidale on the Isle of Harris which didn’t get a road connection until the early 1990s. With the coming of the road, BT laid a cable to Rhenigidale and on 5 March 1990, the UK’s last single digit phone number disappeared. Rhenigidale 1 was what was known as an ‘attended call office’ – i.e. you went to the place where the phone was – in this case the croft of Mrs Morag McInnes – the operator (in Inverness) connected you to the number you required. At the end of the call, ‘the attendant’ – Morag – was called back by the operator and advised of how much money to collect for the call.’