Back of the Hostel … and Beyond

Seaforth Cottage

Seaforth Cottage, beyond the Hostel

Seaforth Cottage, Rhenigidale

Seaforth Cottage, Rhenigidale

To many people, Rhenigidale is at the back of beyond, but to those who like to go that little further there is a 15 minute walk behind the hostel to Seaforth Cottage. It commands views of the entrance and extent of Loch Seaforth and of the completely unpopulated seashore of The Pairc, one of the largest areas in the country without roads. When it was a deer-park that became a sheep-farm, most journeys to and from it were made by sea.

The cottage has been owned for many years by a couple from Oxfordshire and was recently sold to a couple from Yorkshire. Whether it remains on the rental market will require research. In the meantime a stroll there – preferably well-shod – provides a stimulating round-trip and views all-round.