From 1 January 2017, an individual bednight fee is £15 for age 18 and over, under 18 the fee is £8, and the individual camping fee is £10 irrespective of age. If you wish to hire a sheet sleeping bag the cost is £2. The hostels are not available for “Day Use” except where a bednight or camping fee is paid.

Camping is available within the grounds of all the hostels. Wild camping occurs on the machair at Howbeg below Howmore Hostel, and beside the dunes close to Berneray Hostel. Wherever you camp, the camping fee is payable if you wish to use the hostel facilities.

To download our information sheet for the charges operating in 2017 please click here

Please click on the image below for a legible copy of the essential information about charges. For further information study this PDF document