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The warmth of the welcome & community life at the hostel

Hostel charges from 1st January 2015

We made modest increases in our charges from 1st January 2015.  Our adult overnight fee increased to £14. This was our first increase since 1st April 2012.  For a full list of our…

Howmore Appeal

The Howmore Appeal has reached its £47,000 target.  All who contributed are very warmly thanked.  The appeal is now closed.

Howmore & Rhenigidale – an amazing week

“Had an amazing week on the islands.  Stayed in Howmore and Rhenigidale hostels.  Loved every minute.   The hostels were just what I’d hoped for, had everything I needed and the…

Howmore Hosteller Comments

Thinking of staying at Howmore hostel, South Uist?  See what people who have stayed at Howmore hostel think of the place.  Thank you to all those who contributed to our Howmore appeal….

Howmore – Dave is Victor Ludorum

Dave is Victor Ludorum but what was the game?  If “me” suggested the game s/he didn’t do too well despite taking the score.  Sadly Isabella did worse.  Obviously Dave enjoyed the evening!  But as they…